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Our business is based on two pillars: getting new Customers and keeping the old ones. The success of both these targets requires a wide range of models for sale as well as the capability to supply the best possible service to the Customer, and as we have under control the whole process line: from the product selection to the management and control of the input alarm signals, it is possible for us to maintain a high quality standard.
IWe invest considerable resources in the rationalization and improvement of our service.
Our salesmen, our Customer Service and the emergency operators, which are steadily up-to-date and prepared by special training courses, are in great part the supporters of the excellent relationship we have with our Customers.
The whole of our structure is organized to supply the Customer with the best service we can.
Since the beginning, Securitas has been in the front line with the technical development for the sectors of the personal safety. Now we are a step forward.
Thanks to the video-technology applied directly also to the alarm devices, we are in a condition to get
rapidly at any time a view of what is really happening. This way, we can intervene in the correct way and faster than before.
The connection of all apparatus on site to a central control system has always been a prerogative of our service.
Our technicians are working to extend at most the capacities of the remote connections. Today our remote control platform is available also for final users.
You will decide independently which alarm signals you want to send/receive and in which mode: as a text message, as e-mail or something else.
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