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I own a perfect alarm equipment appositely designed
for my exigencies, but I remarked that in case of need,
no-one will help me to control my alarms.
Could I rely on your Operative Control Centre
even keeping my old alarm equipment?

SECURITAS offers first of all a service for receiving and controlling the alarms; if your alarm equipment is warning while you are enjoying your vacation, you are getting stressed , and without help you will have to stop your holiday and come back to check that everything is ok.
Securitas Operative Centre can receive the warning signals by your alarm plant, check for causes and rush for intervention in case of need. You will keep on controlling the maintenance of your alarm equipment and save your habits without any change.

Hai pensato a tutto?

I own a fantastic alarm equipment but last year
I got my house flooded and I received no alarm signal. Actually, I ignored the prevention from external events.
Can you help me?

SECURITAS can fit your alarm equipment with sensors for fire and flooding prevention which will avoid you bad surprises at your homecoming.
Prevention from accidental and dangerous events such as fire and flooding is often ignored especially from private users; SECURITAS, from the point of view of up-to-dating your alarm equipment and of a 360° security, proposes cheap solutions, which can be integrated with already existing appliances for this kind of prevention.
To rely on SECURITAS means do not leave anything to fate!

FAQ: + Video + 24H

I live in a house with a garden; after some
criminal events in my area, I am not quiet.
My alarm device makes me uncertain about some questions; I’d like first of all an external perimeter survey, but it seems difficult to realize.
Can you help me?

Securitas proposal of improvement of your own alarm equipment doesn’t omit any detail for your security. After this preamble, indispensable to design a functional and well-sized safety equipment and to estimate costs and advantages properly, the study of your rooms is essential.
SECURITAS is the first company able to grant a secure external protection by video surveillance with no wall works and completely independent. Rely on your consultant all doubts and fears you have about your security: SECURITAS wants you
BE SAFE BE FREE, therefore it will take care of all.
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