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  1. The sensor picks up a movement - 2. The warning-light switches on - 3. The Video-surveillance Operative Centre receives the warning signal - 4. The operator asks for identification data - 5. The operator checks the monitor to confirm the presence of an intruder - 6. Safety Forces are informed.
  Optional devices
  Pet Motion Detector
with video-camera
(cod. RC95C)
  Pet Motion Detector (cod. RC95P)  
  Outside siren
(cod. RC20A)
  Magnetic Contact
(cod. RC73M)
  IR Barrier for 4
windows 4 rays
(cod. RC74K)
  Outside Motion
(cod. RC312P)
  Smoke Detector
(cod. RC335)
  Water leak Detector (cod. RC6FW)  
  Remote controller
with panic switcher
(cod. RC52P)
  IN/OUT Extender
for automation**
  Inside keyboard,
badge and display
(cod. RC132KP)

Outside keyboard
with badge
(cod. RC132KL)

**The Customer can require the activation of electronic functions by remote controller at pre-established times or after special events.
This option requires the intervention of authorized technician.
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