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Our trade network is always looking for people willing to know a world of safety services and to follow their promotion.
Trade positions inside our organizing structure are highly meritocratic and the career possibilities for qualified and motivated people are sure and satisfactory.
We are searching and /or training new salesmen.
The sale network of Securitas24
is composed of motivated agents and/or collaborators who promote our services face-to-face to our potential Customers in a clear
and professional way.


Securitas is organized for inside technical training of the sale collaborators and promoters with the aid of interesting and special professional courses.
The sale network is the very first contact with the public and Securitas cannot leave it aside.
The training, the satisfaction
and a long-lasting relationship with each member of its own sale network is the foundation of the increase strategy of the company.
Securitas will let you professionally improve and will share your improvements.

Send us your candidature
and participate to the promotion/selection meetings
of Securitas team.
Write to: job@securitasweb.it


Among Securitas targets there is a long-lasting relationship with the Customers.
The very first contact with them passes necessarily through the sale network: therefore Securitas helps and supports the establishment of Agencies S24 all over the country, which are
“around the Customer”.
The manager of an Agency S24 is
a dynamic and innovative person inclined for an independent managing activity on a large scale and with the aim to search and skill a personal network of collaborators. His main target is the promotion and creation of a long-lasting Customers network. For the final user the relationship with Securitas and its services cannot leave aside from the reliance on his intermediary who becomes one’s
consultant about personal safety.


For one’s Customers, the role which an Agency S24 must aim at, is the Security Consultant, represented today by a reliable electrical Technician.
The experiences of Securitas24 as business card, the excellence of its own services, the continuous updating of its abilities, will make its image winning for such a target.
Write to: franchising@securitasweb.it

Are you owner of a security institute which you want to renew?
Please contact us!

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