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The operators of our Operative Centre are all selected special Security Guards with years-old experience and constantly attending professional refresher courses, in order that they can execute the numerous services proposed by our Operative Centre in the most independent and correct way. They are highly professional and skilled to face even the most difficult situations.
With the devices at disposal, our Operative Centre can control and monitor any type of alarm systems and gain access, under previous authorization through apposite contract subscripted by Securitas and the Customer, to their programming, modification and/or switching on/off, enabling to execute periodical running inspections with consequent prevention of useless and expensive technical interventions on the spot.

Here you have some of the services offered by our Operative Centre to the Customer:

  • Check of the system in case of alarm with possibility to display which appliance has caused the event and in which room (all our systems are properly mapped and listed)
  • Possibility to check by display, on Customer’s demand, if an intruder has broken into the building
  • Advice the Customer and the Security Forces in real time whenever necessary or intervene directly by special Securitas personnel
  • Periodical test of the correct running of the system and eventual servicing
  • Check of the correct switching on/off of the system in case of companies with different shifts
  • Diversification and identification of the different alarm signals, in order to distinguish between a routine switching off and a menace
  • Picking up flooding and fire signals by proper warning systems
  • Events recording

(for legal matters the data recording will be utilized only if attempting the principles of the Rules which regulates the treatment of personnel data (Italian D.L. 30/06/2003 No.196)

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